November 24, 2017 is the final game of the regular season for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. This game will also be the last for Mike Riley as Head Coach of the Huskers. Last Saturday and 409 rushing yards makes this a certainty.

Eleven days, two games, Penn State and Iowa. It will hurt and at times, be hard to watch. If needed, turn your head, but do not change the channel or leave the stadium. You need to see this. Because this is what happens when you put a rogue athletic director (Eichorst) and a vindictive old lawyer (Pearlman) in position to sabotage an athletic program. Remember these times and the feeling inside, so that it never happens again.

On a lighter note.

No hard feelings towards uncle Mike, I’m happy for him. He managed to beat the system for years, getting big time money from professional and collegiate programs based on personality rather than production. It’s the long con of the century. Daniel Ocean is sitting barside on French beach nodding his head in admiration, waiting for his old crony show up after the big pay off. Yes, Mike Riley will be set going into retirement and that is fine with me now that he is finally gone.

What this means is that Christmas will come early in Nebraska and all sources, meaning very loose lips within the athletic department  have indicated it will be a Frozen one.

But until the clock strikes  0.00 11 days from now, we wait, like children on Christmas Eve, waiting to find out our big surprise. In other words, Bill Moos’ plan for the future.

Whether or not Scotty decides to come home is uncertain, but from what we know, there is serious talks with ‘Ole number seven. If he comes, great. I would guess that he will be given much more grace in attempting to turn the program around given the depths to which it has fallen. Oh yeah, and being a former Husker helps too.

If he decides to stay in Florida, well than F***….eh-hemm, sorry, I was saying if he decides to stay, than no hard feelings, but something tells me he wants to be some place where college football is appreciated. For instance, this is Orlando Stadium ten minutes before Frost’s undefeated UCF team was preparing to square off against UConn.

Regardless of who winds up taking over the reigns in Lincoln, we can at least be happy that it will no longer be Mike Riley, who has sunk this program deeper in the mud than I ever thought possible.

11 days… STAY STRONG.