Couple thoughts here… First, wow that was three inches from being pretty gruesome. Secondly, the middle east is a whole different ball game. Obvious statement, I know, but when your within inches of your demise and you just shrug it off and laugh, that is pretty strong indication that you give no fucks.
When the western world sees these videos it is easy to assume that this lady is probably part of some new terroristic off shoot. We see a rag tag uniform, a video filmed on a shaky smart phone and naturally this where our head goes. Or at least mine does. When in reality it is the complete opposite.
The soldier in the video is a part of the Kurdish Women’s Protection Unit, YPJ is the translated acronym most commonly used. Their purpose is to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The YPJ understand that if they are captured by the Islamic state they will be raped and tortured. Knowing this, they will commit suicide while trying to take out as many ISIS fucks as possible.
For the Islamic State, being killed by a women is one of the most disgraceful things imaginable. It also means they will not get to enter “paradise” in their beliefs.
I have all the respect in the world for these ladies. Keep up the good fight.