Monday we realized that Tiger Woods still has a long way to go before he is ready to step back onto the links. He was in pretty bad shape and by no means should have been behind the wheel of his car. Which had a flat tire at the time of arrest.

With that being said, everything that he mentioned in his public apology seems to be fairly accurate. He blew 0.00 BAC and was on a mix of prescription medication. Woods reportedly said he had taken Vicodin and two different anti-inflammatory medications. Tiger underwent a spinal fusion procedure on April 19. When asked where he was going or why? Woods had no real answer.

Below is the full arrest video. Followed by the breathalyzer video at the  Jupiter Police Department.

Rough week for our boy Eldrick. Silver lining… at least he told the truth and didn’t blatantly lie about a serious mistake like most athletes and celebrities do.