Ladies and heathens, I bring to you, not a top 5 list of head potential Husker head coaches, not even a top seven list of potential Husker head coaches, no flight trackers, no he said she said potential contract offers, all I have to offer is a the flat out acknowledgement that absolutely nobody knows who will be coaching this program in 2018. That includes Bill Moos.

I honestly think the new Athletic Director has yet to decide Riley’s fate. Rightfully so, as in any situation where a new boss takes over, he should judge his subordinates performance based on what he sees with his own eyes. Something Shawn Eichorst refused to do, and it cost him his job.

Ps. Thanks for your disservice Shawn. Oh, and great parenting too.

Yes, uncle Bill will have to evaluate Riley’s performance from the day he took over the reigns in Lincoln, regardless of the football programs piss poor performance over the last three years. Fact is, it is unfair to make predetermined decisions about how people performed in their previous situations (that is after they are on your payroll of course, as Riley should have never been hired in the first place). No matter how terrible it may be watching a dumpster fire of a season have even more gasoline poured onto it.

So far, with immense pressure applied, Riley has shown less emotion, less fire and the team’s performance has followed suit. Time will tell if Moos decides to pull the trigger this season or the next, but the truth is nobody knows (not even twitter) who is coming and who is going.

We are in football purgatory…. may God have mercy on our souls.


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