TMZ– Shia LaBeouf has been arrested in Georgia for being wasted and losing control of himself … TMZ has learned. Shia was taken into custody at 4 A.M. Saturday morning. He was booked for disorderly conduct, obstruction and public drunkenness. At the time of this post Shia is still in custody. The actor has been down this road before … Shia was arrested in 2014 outside a New York City cabaret for “drunken behavior.” He was arrested for drunk driving in West Hollywood in 2008 for drunk driving.

Apparently our boy Shia is back in the clink (prison mike voice). LaBoof, was arrested after harassing a guy to give him a cigarette in the lobby of a hotel at 4am in the morning In Georgia, where he is currently filming a movie that no one will watch. Reports are saying the ghost of Louis Stevens went bananas on the man and the authorities had to be called. After Shia couldn’t be calmed down he fled from the police to a nearby hotel. He was later caught and booked.

Shia, Shia, Shia, what are we going to do with you? I mean other than let you continue to lose your mind and fade into obscurity of course. We are definitely going to let you do that. But seriously, how long is this decent going to take? Months? Years?

LaBoof you were great in Even Stevens, I’ll give you that. Fury was sick and I didn’t mind the first transformers. But, we need an intervention. Quit with the pretentious, false righteousness you display while trying to appear to be an edgy homeless man. Its played out brother. Plus the weirdos of the internet found your stupid flag anyways.