It’s been a whirlwind week for Micha Leigh Dominguez. It all started with an online video titled “Fake Homeless Woman Exposed” going viral on Monday. The video filmed in Virginia appears to show a well-dressed woman who apparently drove to her local mooching spot in a 2014 Fiat, panhandling up and down the median of a busy intersection, stopping at car windows and collecting change. She is seen holding a sign that says “homeless anything helps”. Later in the video she reveals that she is in fact not homeless but does claim to have “many disabilities”.

When confronted by the person filming the video Dominguez became very upset and defensive. At one point she evens walks up to a McDondald’s drive thru window and asks the employee to do something about the man filming her exploits. Side-Note: I love McChicken’s and respect anyone with the capabilities to craft such an excellent sandwich, but In what world does this lady think that gives culinary experts the authority to banish amateur videographer’s from a location without due cause?

The altercation becomes even more bizarre when she says “somebody is going to kill you someday” to the man filming. The man Follows her around the parking lot for a few minutes telling the woman “she can leave at anytime”. The video the ends shortly after.

On Monday the clip was uploaded to many different platforms on the internet. Obviously, It did not take very long for the clip to circulate the web and go viral. The amazing amount of attention lead to an altercation on Wednesday May 23.

People who recognized Dominguez from the viral video began questioning and filming her local spot, about her motives for panhandling. One person in particular had three bottles thrown at their vehicle by Dominguez. Finally, after many altercations with the fallout from the imposters viral fame the police were called. After reviewing the new footage at the scene, the officers charged Dominguez with 3 counts of throwing missiles at a moving vehicle (yes, that is an actual thing which is also a felony in Virginia).

The Video: