Your cable TV guide is like looking at your college transcript. Staring at titles thinking to yourself, “why did I need this?” and “why did I pay for it?” Oh, that’s right you are forced into it in order to achieve the larger goal. In academics, it is a degree that you will surely not put to use. In regards to your cable bill, it is a million channels you pay for to watch football on Saturday. Finally, there is a glimmer of hope. Not for your fifty thousand dollar education, that experiment will be around for the rest of your life. But about the football thing, there is hope for that.

If there is one thing we know in the heartland, it is the value of a dollar. In return for it, we demand reasonable services, or I don’t know maybe more than five channels we will actually watch. Something that is fleeting in the traditional cable subscription model. This unwillingness by the cable companies to alter their business model has lead to many people, including myself, “cutting the cord”.

The Big Ten Network (BTN) ran through a list of updates during the 2017 Big Ten media days. Part of the list included BTN’s plans to introduce the service to online streaming platforms. BTN cited the rapid decline in cable subscriptions as the main reason behind their pivot into online streaming. I don’t want to say we did it, but we did it guys.

The Big Ten Network announced their service will be available to stream on many major platforms this fall. “BTN will be available on Hulu, YouTube TV, PlayStation Vue and DirecTV Now — all over-the-top, Internet broadcasters — coming in the fall, a decision that addresses the declining numbers in cable subscribers, particularly those younger Americans who are “cutting the cord” or not signing up for cable at all.”

So there you have it. Hopefully this trend will continue with other sports networks. Love you guys.