Some experts will say you just can’t compare the NFL to college football, as they are entirely different in terms of speed and style of play. Some will tell you it’s the reason certain players predictably collapse at the next level (Johnny Manziel), while other sleepers are drafted late in the 6th round and become arguably the greatest QB of all time (Tom Brady). Maybe it’s apples and oranges. Maybe Bruce Jenner didn’t win Woman of the Year, a growing number of people don’t think the Earth is flat, and a psycho dictator in North Korea isn’t building nuclear bombs while having cocktails with Dennis Rodman.

The opening week of football for 2017 was about as backwards as Antifa being called “peaceful protestors” by CNN, as the Cornhuskers came out last week with an impressive defensive display, almost losing to Arkansas State, while the supposed #1 team in the NFL lost their opener Thursday to the Kansas City Chiefs. Let’s take a look at the numbers. The Huskers defense allowed 497 yards of total offense (415 passing, 82 rushing) while holding the Red Wolves to just 36 points. The Patriots allowed 537 total yards of total offense (352 passing, 182 rushing) while blowing a late game lead, letting the Chiefs put up a whopping 42 points, and ultimately losing the game.

Obviously, Tom Brady’s inability to customize the air pressure in the football caused him to only throw 16/36 for just 267 yards. Tanner Lee’s nerves possibly played a role in his first exposure to the roaring giant that is Memorial Stadium, as he threw 19/32 for 238 yards. Alex Smith cut up the Patriots defense like Chef Gordon Ramsay throwing 28/35 for 368 yards, while Arkansas State’s QB, Justice Hansen, threw 46/68 for 415 yards. Both the Patriots and Arkansas State used a handful of RB’s, none of which broke 100 yards. However, Nebraska’s Tre Bryant started his career with 192 yards and 1 TD, while the Chief’s Kareem Hunt had a stunning NFL debut with 148 yards and 1 TD (also 98 yards, 2 TD’s receiving).

Defensive Coordinator for the New England Patriots, Matt Patricia, has a lot of work to do to say the least, as he failed to stop neither the pass nor the run in the balanced attack from the Chiefs. In fact, all Patriots fans are clinging to memes hoping the season isn’t already over with such a pathetic display. Nebraska’s Defensive Coordinator, Bob Diaco proved last week, without the right speed on defense, running a sloppy 3-4 against a good QB doesn’t shut down the pass, but instead leaves him free of pressure to dance around all night, like your prom date with that other guy.

You can’t just rely on a gun-slinging, hard running offense to win football games, and as most of you know the saying, “defense wins championships.” We will get absolutely destroyed by Oregon tomorrow, unless we make some major adjustments. Gone are the days of the mid 90’s “Blackshirts” where anyone that scored on us almost deserved a trophy. Nothing in sports is guaranteed, no matter the spread, no matter what the experts say. It is why we play the game. Maybe it’s apples and oranges to compare the old Nebraska defense with the new. Maybe it’s apples and oranges to compare it to whatever we just saw from the Patriots. I say it’s horse shit and dog shit, neither of which belong on the bottom of my shoe, or anywhere near Memorial Stadium.