A Nuclear Power Plant in the Czech Republic is drawing some harsh criticism following a Facebook bikini contest. CEZ Temelin decided to divert from the traditional hiring process in lieu of a beauty contest. The winner, based on the number of likes received would be offered and internship. The ten female candidates posed in front of a giant nuclear reactor wearing nothing but a bikini and a hard hat.

DEJTE LAJK A POMŮŽETE JEDNÉ KRÁSCE KE STÁŽI (Y)V netradiční fotoateliér se proměnil vnitřek chladicí věže. 😮 Dnes zde…

Posted by Infocentrum JE Temelín on Monday, June 19, 2017

Can’t say that I hate this move. I mean if you take the misogyny out of the equation, hiring employees based on skills and an embellished resume is so cliché these days. It’s 2017 people, we need to focus on the real value a person brings into the workforce. I’m talking Instagram followers, Twitter retweets, Facebook likes. These are the ONLY things that matter any more. If we’re honest, we know that people browse social media instead doing actual work anyways. Don’t you at least want somebody who is good at it?

Also, it is important to keep in mind that the Czech Republic is barely a first world country. I mean they just made it into the club, so something like this is to be expected. It’s like when Leo DiCaprio was invited to the fancy dinner party aboard the Titanic. He was not accustomed to the social norms of high society, but was satisfactory in his attempts to conform. That’s not to say the Czech Republic is anywhere close to Leo status either, but I think you get the point. Give the Czech’s some time. They will figure out which utensil is the salad fork sooner or later.

Playing Devil’s advocate, maybe CEZ Temelin was trying to promote female empowerment by only allowing women to compete? Could we be to quick to judge here? Maybe the Czech plant is actually the hero in all this.

Nah, CEZ Temelin made a terrible decision and they were called out, rightfully so. Good news is they decided to hire all ten females for the internship in response to the media backlash. Credit to the Social Justice Warriors for actually focusing their energy on something useful for once.