Most would agree that the NFL came out on top in the 2011 collective bargaining agreement. Players inability to weather the storm financially was a major contributing factor in closing the deal after a four month standoff that was finalized before the season. Although the NFLPA had an insurance policy set in place to provide 200,000 to every player in the league if the season was locked out, several players still could not make ends meet, which gave franchise owners a tremendous amount of leverage and closed negotiations.

In preparation for 2021 negotiations the NFLPA is advising players to save their money in hopes of being able to hold out longer and come to more amicable agreements with the NFL. This will not happen of course, and the NFLPA will have to bend over once more for the owners.

Segway to one of the worst money managers in NFL history, Vincent Paul Young. My man filed bankruptcy seven years after signing a 26 million dollar contract. That is a shit ton of your friends terrible restaurant ideas and can’t miss investments. His contract was considered one of the most lucrative rookie contracts in the history of the league.

He spent money at an alarming rate. Young had taken out a high interest 7 figure loan to get through the 2011 lockout. In the same year he threw himself a 300,000 dollar birthday party. Which I was not invited to but I’m over it.

Chances of seeing Young in the NFL again are fleeting, but he will strap it up this year. In march of 2017 Young signed a deal with the Saskatchewan Rough Riders of the Canadian Football League.

Although Vinny has had financial woes, there is no denying he was a playmaker. I for one will be interested in seeing how the 33 year old plays this year in the CFL.