There is nothing better in the sports world than hockey fans. They are ruthless, loyal and hilarious all at the same time. Similar to a soccer hooligan, hockey fans are notorious for their quirks. Take for instance this Jake Guentzel catfish situation.

Guentzel was dining at a Nashville restaurant when a fellow patron, who has giant balls and was most definitely a Nashville Predators fan, graciously ordered him a fried catfish and then proceeded to serve the dish to him. He followed it up with a friendly pat on the back.

Now this stunt is pretty funny, unless your a Penguins fan. Guentzel also was obviously not amused. Understandably so. The guy is trying to win a Stanley Cup and his stress level is through the roof right now. He was probably just trying to get away for a meal with family and friends. That attempt was stifled. Just goes to show you that home field advantage extends beyond the arena.

The catfish made it’s first appearance in 2003. Since then it has become a tradition in the Music City. Recently, Predators fan Jacob Waddell extended the odd tradition to Pittsburgh. Waddell tossed a catfish cadaver on the ice in game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Penguins and the Predators. Waddell was immediately arrested and charged with three misdemeanors for his stunt.

Sounds like the steel city can’t take a joke, am I right? Just being a tad facetious. But, honestly the misdemeanors included using a weapon of crime and disrupting a public meeting. That is a bit overkill. Finally, after some backlash and a touch of common sense, those charges were dropped.

If there is anything we have learned so far in the 2017 Stanley Cup Final, it’s that Predator fans are insane and the atmosphere they create at home is electric. Preds fans are on fire right now. Just check out the this clip from game 3. This is my friends, is what the NHL needs!