Not all heroes wear capes.

It is a universal truth that the DMV is the worst. No matter what hoops you jump through to try and find the right time to go and beat the masses, you always wind up taking the loss. Wait in line for hours.. check, receive terrible service from people who hate their jobs more than you hate the DMV.. check and to top it off If you forget one tiny little piece of the re-registration enigma, you get sent home to repeat the process all over again. It is a place of misery and despair with no hope. Until yesterday…

Pictured is a man who thinks outside the box. Says no to conformity and does what he wants. He is the hero we need but don’t deserve. Actually, none of that is true, but I gotta admit it is a major power move to order pizza in the middle of a busy DMV office and eat while people sit there and watch. Plus he can barter to switch places with the person who is next in line and for that I applaud him.

Bonus: Dominoes employee who left this note when somebody ordered a pizza right before close. I think we know how high the ceiling is for this persons career.