Iowa City, Iowa is home to roughly 75,000 proud Iowans. More notably, It is where the University of Iowa’s beautiful, bustling campus resides. It is mid-July, yet the sidewalks are still littered with some of the most ambitious students in the nation taking summer classes to advance their academic prowess. The weather is a bit warm, but do not let that distract from the beautiful landscaping, interesting architecture and other stuff. In the same instance, five national titles are proudly displayed on the outside of a beautiful football stadium for all to see. If you are fortunate enough to be touring Iowa’s campus and wish to view this humble display of athletic achievement, locals recommend that you hop in your vehicle and drive three hundred and five miles west. Upon your arrival you will notice a change in the air, the change while intangible, encapsulates everything you dreamed being a national champion would feel like.

Welcome to the good life. During your stay, take in all the sights and sounds Nebraska has to offer. Just don’t touch anything.

Now it is my duty as an internet blogger to stay on topic. Secondly, and arguably less important in this day and age, it is also my duty to check facts. In my extensive research I can confidently state, the University of Iowa has won a grand total of zero national championships. However, in the same fashion 9/11 “truthers” claim jet fuel doesn’t melt steel beams, Iowa boldly claims that they won a national title in 1958. Yes, a team that went 8-1-1 and finished second in the two major polls behind an 11-0 LSU team is claiming they were in fact National Champions. This delusion stems from the Football Writer’s Association of America awarding Iowa their own National Championship trophy after the the bowl season in light of the Hawkeye’s decisive victory in the Rose Bowl. It appears that participation trophies did in fact predate millennials.

Now that we know unicorns, the Lochness Monster and Iowa’s national title doesn’t actually exist we can stop searching and focus on what it will take for the Hawkeye’s to win one. For real this time.

Some say it is a rebuild year, others say they might be a sneaky contender in the Big Ten West and I’m already sick of talking about their season outlook. Long story short, they have a solid linebacking core, question marks at quarterback and return a stud offensive lineman. They are projected to go 7-5 and middle of the pack in the west. They will not be sniffing national title contention in the immediate future.

My best recommendation for the Hawkeye’s is to do what winners do in modern college football. Violate some Ncaa rules, keep it under wraps for a couple years and then implement a “self imposed” slap on the wrist when Ferentz decides to retire. This is a fool proof recipe for success.

In all seriousness, Iowa brought the wood to the Cornhuskers last year and out-played them in every facet of the game. The Hawkeyes showed great discipline and wore Nebraska down for four straight quarters. Yes,  Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong was severely injured and still played, arguably to the detriment of the team. Regardless, Iowa was just better that day.

For the record Hawkeye fans, if you do find yourself in Lincoln when we square off November 24, check out the Rail Yard, Haymarket and if you don’t mind witnessing a little collegiate debauchery, O street. Husker fans will welcome you with open arms and gladly provide you with enough alcohol to help wash away the memory of the loss you will undoubtedly receive. Love you guys.







  1. May want to move on!!! That was 3
    Minutes of my life I will never get back!!! How bout those 97 Wolverines??! You still play Whitesnake in your Casette deck don’t you?! YOU ARE YOUR TYPE A HUSKER CLOWN…stuck in the 90’s!!! NU has no greater shot than Iowa does in winning a National Championship in the CFB modern era—and if you think so, prove it!!!! Nebraska has done NOTHING in the new landscape to even sniff contention. Hold your stuffed Lochness Monster tight and drift off into 90’s dreamland with Poison playing in the background!!

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