We get it Fleck. We get it so much that the entire conference instantly eye-rolls every time we see your face on the television. You are not fooling anyone with the “I’m the guy who shakes things up” demeanor. Fact is, P.J. Fleck is in a no lose situation. He can be the “wildcard crazy guy” and if Minnesota shits the bed, no big deal, business as usual. If they scrape out nine or ten wins then he is a hero with crazy antics. Brilliant strategy on his part if I’m honest.

That’s not to take away from what he did for one season at Western Michigan, 13-1. Very well done coach. Lightning in a bottle perhaps? Maybe, but maybe not. Either way, let us not forget the scholarships he stripped from players committed to WMU before he took over in 2013. He did not honor the previous coaching staffs recruits and he did it so late in the recruiting process that the committed players were unable to sign with other teams. One example can be read here at usatodayhss.com

For a guy that preaches integrity, this is a baffling move no?

For the rest of the Big Ten, lets just hope the Gophers give up a fifty spot early on in the season, so the ESPN’s of the world will abandon the P.J. Fleck train quicker than a hobo during a railcar inspection. I’ll tell you what… prove you can win in a power five conference and then talk. Until then, drop the shtick.