CBS Sports-Bob Flounders of reported Monday afternoon that the 5-foot-10, 258-pounder from Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, has left the program prior to the start of his senior season in Happy Valley. A Penn State spokesperson later confirmed to 247Sports that Julius is off the roster.

He announced last October that he suffers from anxiety, depression and an eating disorder. He left the team on a temporary basis in May to seek treatment for his eating disorder in St. Louis. He tweeted about the power of depression in July.

Last October when Julius announced his eating disorder, the cynic in me immediately assumed he was trying to take full advantage of his fifteen minutes of fame. I don’t say this very often, but I was wrong. Obviously Joey has a real struggle with eating and it is an unfortunate situation for all of college football. After all, it is not very often you see a kick off specialist on a highlight reel.

It is not in the nature of myself and BRT to be empathetic. So don’t get used to it. But in a situation like this, where a player coming off a Big Ten Championship is willing to forgo his entire season to deal with his demons, you can’t help but feel for the guy. Plus, I was really looking forward to watching DPE shake him out of his shoes as he takes the opening kickoff to the house. Now that fantasy is just that, a fantasy. But if it means Joey gets the help he needs, then I can live with it.

PS. Thought about taking this blog in a totally different direction. Then I saw his depression Tweet and just couldn’t do it. Maybe I’m getting soft.