CBSNews-If you keep an eye on French fashion, you might notice a change in the models slinking down Paris runways in the future. A law passed in France in 2015 banning dangerously skinny models has now gone into effect.
Models in France will now need to have a doctor’s note proving that they’re in good physical health, according to the BBC. They’ll require a body mass index (BMI) in the normal range. If they don’t fall into the healthy range and are paid for work, their modeling agencies could be fined or face jail time.

It is about damn time. Why is this still a thing?

I have a hard time wrapping my head around high fashion. From what I can gather in my very limited research, pretentious twenty somethings strut up and down the runway wearing ludicrous shit that nobody actually wears in real life, designed by some douchebag with a pencil thin mustache. Those are verified facts by the way.

Although it is a very vapid industry that serves no real purpose, high fashion takes a physical toll on many of the models involved. Because it is in vogue to resemble a skeleton while wearing square shaped outfits, many of the women suffer from anorexia and bulimia to achieve such form. It’s sad, but I also have very little remorse for a disorder caused by your own vanity. Although I don’t give a shit, France does(pronounced Fronze for authenticity). They are taking major steps to change the fashion industry for the better.

Good on them.