Barney Fife strikes again. This time Bernard P. Milton booked former Husker defensive stand out, Eric Martin.

Full disclosure, I am not a weed guy or is it weedsman? Just kidding, I know the appropriate term is pothead. Jokes aside, it really doesn’t matter to me whether people choose to toke or not. Even if I did object, it’s just an opinion, one that is no more valuable than anybody else’s.

It is well known that many athletes openly talk about their use of marijuana. Puffing the cheeba no longer has the “taboo” stigma it once had. People’s ideologies surrounding the greenery are rapidly swaying towards legalization. To the point where individual states are legalizing it and the trend is only going to continue.

New research indicates that burning trees might be a safer alternative than other, more addictive, “big pharma” drugs. Which I believe there is actually some truth behind. Although in my personal experience, the people sharing and endorsing these studies on my Facebook timeline are always potheads. I often find it comical that stoners display nobility when they promote these studies, but in reality, they just want to get baked and eat their D’Leon’s without persecution. I don’t hate it, I just find a subtle humor about it.

Like I said, individuals using an herbal remedy does not bother me. As long as your responsible about it and you are not bothering others around you, then do your thing. Smoke it up, all day, every way. It’s 2017 after all and legalization is on the way.

Please excuse me, I have to take care of some paper work.


And we are back.

Smoke it up, all day, every way. It’s 2017 after all and legalization is on the way.

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Don’t even try to put that on a shirt. I’ll lawyer up so fast, you wont know hit you. Now let’s get to the real story.

Another former Husker is in the news for getting popped with the sticky icky. Also referred to as the devil’s lettuce, the chronic, giggle nuggets, herbal essences, hippie cabbage, Mexican parsley, cosmic shrub, dat ish, the burning bush or more commonly known as that dank dank.

I know what you’re wondering and the answer is yes, I will use every possible moniker for marijuana I can think of throughout this blog.


A former NFL linebacker stopped for speeding in Corning got sidelined Saturday when police say they found drugs in his car.

Just before 8:30 p.m. 25-year-old Eric Lamont Martin, Jr. of Rosharon, TX, was stopped for doing 64 in a 45 mile-an-hour zone, according to a news release from the Corning Police Department.

While talking with Martin, the officer noticed the smell of marijuana.

A K9 officer was called to the scene and, following a run around the exterior, reportedly alerted on Martin’s vehicle.

“The driver then stated he had marijuana in the vehicle at that time,” the release said.

Officers searched Martin’s car and found a bag of “self-rolled cigarettes that field-tested positive for marijuana.” They also reported finding drug paraphernalia and 9 grams of suspected marijuana in a suitcase in the trunk of the car.

I prefaced the following statement in the paragraphs above to emphasize the point that normally, I wouldn’t care if a former player was popped with a little bit of Mary Jane. However, In this case Martin put everybody else around him in danger. I take issue with the fact that he was not only driving a vehicle baked out his mind, but Martin was going 20 mph over the speed limit. Nothing pisses me off more than when individuals disregard the safety of other people by driving under the influence. Yes, I’m also talking to you Keith Williams.

Hopefully Martin learns from his mistakes and acts accordingly.

Eric Martin was an undersized yet beastly defensive end for Nebraska. He was fast, scrappy and could deliver the boom. Just ask anyone on the Oklahoma State football team.

Martin played for the Huskers from 2009 through 2012. During Martin’s senior season, he really separated himself from the pack. That same season, he lead the Huskers in sacks, earning all Big 10 honors. Although he was undrafted, Martin was picked up by the New Orleans Saints. Then eventually, Cleveland would sign him off the waiver wire.

After his first two seasons of struggling to find a foothold in the league, Martin signed with the Patriots as a part of the practice squad and was even awarded a super bowl XLIX ring for his efforts. In three seasons, Martin accumulated 16 tackles, 1 forced fumble and 0 sacks. In October of 2016, Martin signed with the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian football league.