If you’ve ever been stuck in an airport for a prolonged period of time then you might have a small glimpse into what I assume purgatory is like. A Twitter feed can only be refreshed so many times, Instagram is no help and of course Facebook is sure to be stagnant the entire length of your terminal prison sentence. Regardless we constantly refresh, retweet and tag our friends in funny videos with the caption “Insert Friend this is so us bro!”. Eventually, after all this deliberate time wasting, our device needs a charge. This my friends is where we find the cure to the airline blues.

To preface this question, I want to say that I am thrilled the “fake outlet” prank is making the rounds, but what took so long? It’s one of those things when after you see it, your like duh; the airport is a no brainer for this prank.

Now just a word of caution. If you attempt to do this and I hope you will. Beware that the airport is a very stressful place and there is a lot of crazy people in this world. Chances are ninety-five percent of the victims will get a kick out of this, the other five percent will try to kill in you in front of a thousand people. I gotta say I like those odds, so the fake outlet is going in the carry on next time this guy has to take a flight.

Internet fads come and go, but this is one I never want to see fizzle out. May it live on forever and ever.