Yahoo-As more Americans cut the cable cord, ESPN has seen its subscriber numbers drop steadily, forcing Disney to demand cost-cutting from the “worldwide leader in sports.” It’s been widely reported since March that the next big round of ESPN layoffs will hit on-air talent, but now we know more on the timing: the cuts will begin on May 1, sources at ESPN tell Yahoo Finance.
ESPN will part ways with more than 40 people, all of them “talent,” a label that ESPN applies to radio hosts and writers (almost all of whom regularly do video or audio), not just traditional TV personalities. ESPN says it has 1,000 people in the category. Still, you can expect most of the people cut to be faces you’ve seen on TV. In some cases, ESPN may buy people out of existing long-term contracts—as Sports Illustrated points out, that is unusual.
The cuts will mostly be done by May 9, when Disney announces its quarterly earnings, but could extend until May 16, when ESPN presents its annual Upfronts in Manhattan.

Please be Beth Mowins, Please be Beth Mowins, Please be Beth… Ok you get the point. Nothing ruins your Saturday like finding out Beth Mowins is calling your favorite college football teams game. Also, if you are stuck listening to Beth Mowins trying desperately to make her voice deeper than a mans doing play by play, your team is Garbage! Cause she ain’t covering anything worth watching. Enough of the Beth Mowins minute of hate. On to the real problem.

ESPN has become something so far removed from the 24/7 sports channel we used to love. It was a cornucopia of sports information, a buffet of athletic competition. From The NFL to The Little League World Series. Not No Mo. Now it is an organization of adult men and women telling us Bruce Jenner is a female. I loathe what it has become.  It is everything we as a company strive not to be.

There is no word on who is getting the axe. We will find out soon, that is for certain. I just pray I never have to hear Beth Mowins call another college football game ever again.