NewYorkTimes -ESPN has removed an announcer from its broadcast of the University of Virginia’s first football game next month because he has the same name as a Confederate general memorialized in statues that are being taken down across the country.

The network announced late Tuesday that the announcer, Robert Lee, a part-time employee who calls about a dozen college football and basketball games a year for ESPN, would no longer participate in the broadcast of the Sept. 2 game in Charlottesville, Va., which became the center of violent clashes this month during a white supremacist gathering.

What a time to be alive. Whether your left or right, this is a move that we can all unanimously agree is pretty ridiculous. It is worth noting that the Robert Lee mentioned is also and Asian guy. Not that race really matters, but in a story this preposterous, that little factoid is the cherry on top.

Since mid-2014, ESPN has been at the forefront of integrating sports and politics. Because we all wanted our one escape from all the political rhetoric to be tainted with even more political rhetoric. With that said, ESPN is the biggest player in town in regards to sports coverage, so we have had to just grin and bare it. Until now.

The sports media giant used basic mathematics principals to aid in their decision making. Using discrimination to cancel out discrimination. Fortunately, common sense and logic proves this equation cannot be applied to political agendas.

In order to avoid any sort of discrimination against the 1,000 people who were probably going to watch the William and Mary at UVA game, ESPN decided to pull Lee based solely on his name. Which begs the question, would ESPN not hire our boy Dat if he was the best candidate for the job based solely on his name?

These are the tough questions that we at BRT are willing to ask. Just doing our part.

If this story tells us anything, it is that the depth of America’s political correctness does actually have a reachable bottom. Today ESPN plowed their PC submarine straight into the floor of that ocean. Based on the backlash it would seem that Americans for the first time in a long time, actually agree on something. For that we thank you ESPN.