Say what you want about Iowa, and generally we do, but their new tradition of waving to the children on the upper floors of the University Hospital outside of Kinnick Stadium is pretty damn special. Maybe I’m getting soft in my twenties, or maybe I actually do have a heart, but seeing 70,000 people smiling and cheering for these children is something that this world needs more of. Nobody, especially these children, deserve the sort of tribulation they are facing.

This special tradition was created by a suggestion from Krista Young. She posted the idea to the Facebook page Hawkeye Heaven . She proposed that all the fans in Kinnick Stadium should turn towards the hospital and wave to all the children after the first quarter. Hawkeye Heaven posted the recommendation once a week on their page leading up to the season. The idea caught on and was carried out last Saturday. The moment was truly heartwarming and instantly became one of the greatest traditions in college football overnight. The tradition has been coined “The Kinnick Wave”.

Dear Iowa,

From all of Husker Nation on and behalf of Big Red Turtle, you have done a wonderful thing. See you in November.