The Fairfield Ford Auto Group of Montoursville, PA tried passing off a 2009 Corvette ZR1 w/3Zr as being “owned and driven” by none other than Nascar superstar Dale Earnhardt Jr. The dealership claims that the vehicle had been custom designed by Rick Hendrick, specifically for Dale Jr. Sounds like a one of kind addition to any corvette enthusiasts collection right?

There is only one slight little hang up…

Dale Jr. Never once drove the vehicle let alone owned it. When the racing pro caught wind of the eBay listing via a report on, Earnhardt took to Twitter and made potential buyers aware of the inaccurate claims.

Since Earnhardt’s tweet, the dealership has altered it’s eBay listing. Which can be seen here.

From what I can tell, the dealership is now claiming the car was more or less designed for Dale Jr. by Rick Hendrick. Although, from Earnhardt’s tweet it is hard to believe he had any association with this vehicle at all. Regardless It is still a very nice car although about 20,000 over priced per Fortunately, the dealership has removed the portion stating Dale Jr. “owned and drove” the Corvette.