It’s time we take a holistic approach to determine the right steps in rectifying this twelve-year long feud with College Gameday’s Kirk Herbstreit. Before we start, I would like to share with you a quote from one of the greatest thought leaders of modern time.

I think it’s important to have closure in any relationship that ends – from a romantic relationship to a friendship. You should always have a sense of clarity at the end and know why it began and why it ended. You need that in your life to move cleanly into your next phase.

-Jennifer Aniston

Wow, amazing, Jen has never been so right. Everyone needs closure. We need it, but more importantly, Kirk needs it. God only knows what he has been through. Sleepless nights, anxiety, maybe depression? I don’t know the answers to these blind assumptions, but what I do know is that behind those incredible teeth and great hair is a man who longs for internal peace. This blog the first step.

Before I continue, I’m aware that this is not a new topic. I can see your eyes rolling at the thought of another Herbstreit discussion. But I ask you, What else are we going to talk about right now? Arkansas State’s front four? Save that for another six weeks. Would you maybe prefer we discuss at nauseam unproven high school seniors who have never played at the D-1 level potentially coming to Nebraska in 2018, but ultimately getting released from the team due to “off the field” issues? Although that discussion can fill the seemingly endless void of the off-season. Not today, NOT UP IN HERE.

So here we go. As most Husker fans will remember, probably because they were actively voting for the Big Red on the night ESPN Classic held the “All-Time Greatest College Football Playoff”; A show designed to be a live voting, elimination style bracket of the “greatest” college football teams of all time. On this night, Herbstreit drew first blood. In fact, Dirk Chatelain, of the Omaha World Herald interviewed Herbstreit about the show.

OWH-Herbstreit knows exactly when his relationship with Nebraska fanatics broke down. December 2006. ESPN Classic hosted the “All-Time Greatest College Football Playoff,” in which fans voted for the best teams ever through a bracket. Two Husker teams — 1971 and ’95 — made the final. Analysts like Herbstreit, Lou Holtz, Mark May and Barry Switzer were supposed to analyze the matchups.

“It was one of those made-for-TV argumentative shows,” Herbstreit said. “And the show was kind of real flat. There wasn’t a whole lot of disagreement. So the producer got in my ear, it’s the only time in my career he got in my ear, and he said, ‘Can you help me out there? You’ve got to liven the discussion up a little bit.’

So you throw away everything we had for ratings Kirk? The producer wanted excitement, so you go and do that to us? Are we not exciting enough for you? Okay, Ill stop, I’m letting emotion get in the way the healing process. Trust the process.

Unfortunately, Herbstreit did in fact listen to his producer that fateful night and proceeded to cut deep into the underbelly of Husker nation with his tirade. Naturally, Husker fans did not take to kindly to it. In one night, Kirk changed everything.

So let’s take a look at the aftermath. Following Kirk’s betrayal, Husker fans did not hide their displeasure for the show host. In the years to follow, Kirk would become a natural enemy of Husker nation, often down playing their successes and highlighting their failures. He would also use Twitter to make comments such as these.

We get it. Nebraska has fallen into obscurity. You don’t think we know that Kirk? We do and it sucks, but hey everyone goes through it.

We will be back to national relevance soon enough (probably not). Before we get there,  I want us to be on good terms. However, it is not fair to just show the faults of only one side. We too, have contributed to this rocky relationship.

Okay, hand up, that’s on us. We the Husker faithful, have not been very friendly either. Plus, @paunor70 can’t spell. We do not take full responsibility for that, but since he is a part of the fan base, we must own it. You are only as fast as your slowest man right?

Now that we have aired out our dirty laundry, it is time to rectify this beef. Recently, Herbstreit has shown signs that he is willing to step back into our good graces.

We need to seriously consider this opportunity to fix things. During our years apart, we as a collective fan base have had some time to reflect on our program. The luster of the nineties has worn off and we are no longer the hot girl at the party. That said, we still have a nice body and that counts for something. Also, I think it is apparent that now more than ever, Husker fans know where they stand among the college football landscape. Which is somewhere between Iowa and Northwestern in the West.

Point is, like in any break up we have grown. Herby appears to as well. So Kirk, If you are listening, and I know you are because I tweeted this blog post to you. Come back. We will welcome you with arms wide open.





To everyone not named Kirk Herbstreit, the response to the new site has been tremendous. Our goal is to offer a different and satirical perspective to not only Husker football, but to the entire sports landscape. We are going to make a huge push this season in the B1G. We have prospective writers for a few schools and we will be creating a network of websites under BRT. Should be quite the year. Love you guys.