Yahoo News-A federal judge in Texas has dismissed a discrimination lawsuit brought by Ahmed Mohamed, the 9th grader who was arrested in 2015 for bringing a clock to school. 
U.S. District Judge Sam Lindsay on Thursday ruled the boy failed to prove discrimination, according to CBS News. The judge gave the teen’s legal team until June 1 to file an amended complaint against Irving Independent School District, high school principal Daniel Cummings and the city of Irving.

I think if we are honest with ourselves, we understand the lunacy that encompassed this case. As we all know it was an anchor for right/left politics in 2015.

But I mean come on… We have five-year olds being expelled for using “finger guns” during recess for God’s sake. So it would only make sense that if you bring a brief case and some cobbled wire hooked up to a tube-like battery, somebody is going to suspect you are trying to blow the place to smithereens. No matter what race or ethnicity you are.

If this had been a school sanctioned project, something he had worked on at school, or at least sought approval or informed the teacher or principle of the details of this project it would have been one thing. Bringing it to school to as a surprise to show your ingenuity, not the best advised plan.

Maybe you could have made a case for discrimination against this boy if there had been other students of various races who also brought home-made clocks to school and only Ahmed had gotten in trouble. But that did not happen. Just this kid. Maybe his heart was in the right place. He could have just wanted to really impress people.

No matter what side of the political spectrum you find yourself on, fact is this kid did not give any notice that he was bringing this sort of project to school. So if we are being non-biased and logical it is evident that his teacher’s reactionary decision was correct. I sure hope my children’s teachers will act as quickly and decisively, my child’s safety trumps people’s feelings 365 days out of the year.

It would have been a good project for show and tell, if he had gotten approval to bring it to school anyways (Not really, he pretty much hooked a clock up to a battery). Remember when you had to get approval for brining a puppy to show and tell? Yea, a puppy. At least I’m pretty sure they still make you seek approval for what you bring to show and tell. I don’t think a suspicious looking home-made clock in a brief case would have passed muster though. Maybe just pictures and notes on a poster board.

Regardless, politically, It certainly made for a good story. All of those people outraged by the injustice of expelling a kid over an unknown electrical device containing wires, a tube battery, and a digital clock. Never mind the kid who gets in trouble for having a cell phone or iPod, or, God forbid, the dreaded finger gun.

They can’t arrest him… He is wearing a Nasa Shirt! I mean come on.. Nasa Shirt! LOL