New Jersey Govenor, Chris Christie and his family are spending the Fourth of July in a state owned beach house on a normally public beach that is currently closed off from the general public. That is right. The plump Govenor and his family have the entire beach to themselves. Naturally this sparked outrage and drew heavy criticism from internet political experts from around the country. The prevailing narrative is that Christie shut down the beach so he and his family could have complete seclusion. Which would without a doubt, be a major dick move.

The truth is that New Jersey is currently in a “government shut down” due to the state budget crisis. And yes, Christie is using a benefit that is awarded to him as the governer to use the house even though the beach is technically closed. When asked why? Christie responded, “Run for governor, and you can have the residence.”

As a man I appreciate his bluntness. He was asked a question and responded with a cut and dry answer. No nonsense, I love it. However, I do think it’s one of those things that given our current political climate, it’s probably not the best public relations move. It is literally the epitome of why people despise politicians. They get   a ridiculous amount of perks and get to tan their out of shape bodies on closed beaches.

Governor Christie, I’m disappointed in this move. Although it’s a real power play and I respect it, I’m mostly upset that I wasn’t invited. I was even ready to overlook the whole “Fort Lee Lane Closure” scandal. Not anymore.