asiaone-Zhou told doctors that he had been suffering from constipation since he was born. He took laxatives regularly but they only helped to alleviate his discomfort.
His parents thought that his condition was a small ailment, so it remained untreated for years. It eventually deteriorated until he required emergency treatment.
In a three-hour operation, surgeons removed a section of Zhou’s colon that was 76cm long and weighed 13kg.

Imagine the smell.

The hopelessness felt when your biological plumbing is on the frits is like waiting for Hans Solo to return at the end of “Star Wars The Force Awakens”. It ain’t gonna happen, Hans is dead. Just like this guys colon.

So just imagine what our boy Zhou’s entire life up until his surgery must have been like. Waiting for your Hans Solo to appear in the toilet. Reassuring you that everything was going to be ok and that your abdomen is not going to explode. But no Hans Solo, for us and for Zhou. Fucking Disney.

Luckily, Zhou was able to get some help and a diagnosis to keep his poop chute moving along like a Chinese assembly line. I’m happy for the kid.

His parents on the other hand are huge dicks. How in the world is that a “small ailment”? It is neither literally or figuratively small. American millennials think they have problems… Zhou’s parents made him prairie dog it for 22 years. Think about that.