Every major football program has disciplinary issues they have to contend with. It comes with the territory. Nobody knows how true that statement is like Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher. The man who values accountability above all else, runs one of the tightest ships in all of college football.

When his former Heisman trophy winner Jameis Winston, was caught on camera stealing crab legs from a local super market, do you think Coach Fisher sat by the wayside in the name of winning football games? Absolutely not, Jimbo dealt a devastating, non existent, but firm warning. Let’s not even mention the time he was accused of rape, which by the way the university settled for nearly a million dollars. Coach Fisher issued a swift and stern zero game suspension. Proving yet again that he does not value wins, but instead developing young men. If history tells us anything, we know that wide receiver Da’Vante Phillip’s is in for a pretty harsh punishment from one of the last coaches in college football that values accountability.

CBS Sports-Phillips was arrested on four counts of cashing or depositing items with intent to defraud and one charge of grand theft according to Jim Henry of the Tallahassee Democrat. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Phillips purchased four money ordersworth $485.89 in January and altered them to read $700 each. The school announced Phillips has been suspended indefinitely, and coach Jimbo Fisher will not comment further.

Whoa, five felonies,  you would think Phillips has to be kicked off the team right? Nope, Jimbo showing us the true value of integrity only suspended Phillips indefinitely. I have to admit it, I like this move. It says to me “I see what you did there, six felonies and we have a problem, but since it was five I’ll give you a second chance”. It takes a real man to offer that much grace. Jimbo Fisher”s Florida State program is a true example of how a program should be run. Sweep it under the rug, win ball games and settle lawsuits.