Now I should disclose I know almost nothing about The Mummy (2017). Nor do I plan on seeing it. Especially after my boy Brenden Fraser bodied Tom Cruise and Universal studios with his latest Instagram post. I’m O.G. Mummy all the way. Below is the trailer for the imposter.

They totally missed the mark and failed to realize why the original movie was so great and it shows in the critical reviews the film has received. Not to mention the pitiful box office numbers. The original films were action packed with well timed humor mixed in a la Indiana Jones and Fraser played the role perfectly. That’s not to say Tom Cruise is the shits, I mean he is Maverick after all. But this wasn’t the role for him, or anybody other than Fraser for that matter.

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It should be noted that the direction for this movie was designed to be the first chapter in Universal Studios “Dark Universe” and is told in present day. Which is the main reason why Fraser was not involved. As his version of The Mummy was filmed in the 1930’s. Long story short, this is just a cash grab from Universal to jump on the “universe” gimmick that Marvel and DC comics have implemented. The end result is a terrible product.