When it rains it pours lads. The airline industry is once again in the headlines this month. First, it was a homosexual doctor/former felon being removed from an airplane that was overbooked. Now its a stroller smuggling mother allegedly taking a chair shot (actually hit with stroller, but chair shot sounds better) from an American Airlines flight attendant.

A woman was boarding an American Airlines flight carrying her infant and a stroller. She had permission beforehand from an employee to board with the stroller. As she was looking for space to store said stroller, a very bald, very short flight attendant “violently” removed the stroller from her arms striking her in the head. Reportedly, she was still holding her infant at the time.

The only available videos at this moment show the after-math of the altercation. In the video, another passenger steps in to defend the woman. The flight attendant and second passenger go back and forth for a while. Eventually the flight attendant goes into “come at me bro” mode. Classic de-escalation tactic by the way. The lady was removed from the airplane and the flight attendant returned. Baldy was suspended before the flight touched down in Dallas. American Airlines sided with the woman and provided her with first class accommodations on her connecting flight.

Like always, another video will turn up to show the full story, but from the available videos it does look like the alleged airline assailant was probably a dick and ripped it from her arms.


From the ashes of this garbage fire, a new meme is born.


  • Lady has permission to board with stroller
  • Flight attendant objects, rips it from her arms striking her in head
  • Another passenger defends the lady
  • Flight attendant is a dick and challenges man to fight
  • lady is removed from flight
  • Flight attendant is suspended