What a time to be alive. Now I understand that there is a legitimate need for government assistance. Everybody’s situation is different and for some people there is just too much month at the end of the money. I get it.

However, I’m not to keen on the announcement from Amazon. Earlier this week Amazon revealed it will now begin offering their prime subscription service for 5.99 as opposed to the normal 10.99 to Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) recipients. EBT is essentially a debit card that gets refilled by the government each month as opposed to traditional Welfare checks. To receive the discounted rate, a customer must sign up using their EBT card instead of a debit card.

Now I’m aware there is some useful applications for this benefit. Such as diaper subscriptions, certain groceries and even educational items can also be purchased. All of which will include free shipping as is standard with any Prime subscription.

Now here is the controversy. Amazon will also offer their digital movie streaming, music service and TV shows. Not to mention their thousands of products which will be even more tempting to buy with their free two day shipping.

The need is there for assistance. However, when cooperations start to offer the ability to use tax payer dollars on their entertainment services, that is where I personally take issue. Amazon should most definitely offer the benefit for practical things in low income situations, not luxuries.