As a Nebraska fan, and one who prefers the Huskers to take the more traditional route when it comes to athletic apparel, the 2017 alternate uniforms leave me scratching my head. Not because I don’t get it; I love the idea behind them. However, I honestly think nobody will bat an eye when the Huskers adorn the “throwbacks” on October 7, against Wisconsin. Which if your Adidas and you are trying to compete with the Nike’s of the world, well basically just Nike.. attention is something you want.

The direction of the new look is inspired by the 1997 National Champion Nebraska Cornhuskers. The uniform incorporates some of the same key designs the Huskers wore twenty years ago with a modern twist. However, if we are talking alternates, and we are, you have to bring something to the table that is going to move the needle. Not a carbon copy of what the Huskers wear every Saturday with a mesh number. The mesh is a nice touch mind you, but nobody will see it.

Now I understand Adidas has many other major college football programs across the nation to represent. So it is comprehensible that they may miss the mark from time to time. Like they have with about half of Nebraska’s alternates. However, Nike represents many more teams and they find a way to make alternates look amazing. Every time.

That is not a shot at Adidas either, I prefer their traditional uniforms over any other designer. I just wish they would dig a little deeper when it comes to making a statement with alternates. More importantly, a statement that is congruent with the spirit of Nebraska Football.

Not these:

Personally, I have no idea why they haven’t come out with a gray design like the baseball team has. Grays would look great and be in line with their traditional style . Which is something I think fans appreciate.

Do alternates matter in the grand scheme of things? One could argue that it does in terms of recruiting. Others point to programs like Michigan, Alabama and Notre Dame. Schools that pull in top recruits every year and tend to have a very bland wardrobe.

Like I said, I appreciate the theme behind the 2017 alternates. Just baffled on the execution. Adidas should have committed 100% to the 1997 look with modern materials if that is what they were going for. Instead we have the current uniform with a couple throwback touches. Not really impressive for a one game alternate.

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    1. Nah, made some pretty valid points. Highlighted that it is all subjective and not really relevant to Nebraska’s success. Pretty much covered all the basis.

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